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Slayin' Stereotypes: Why Women Belong in STEM (and How to Grow There!)

Updated: May 1

Hello ambitious STEM professionals,

Coach Linda here, ready to crack open the fascinating world of STEM – that's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, for the newbies (or not) in the house. But hold on, before you get intimidated by equations and bubbling beakers, let me tell you something:

STEM is where the future is built, and you belong there! Everyone does!

Some of you might think or even feel firsthand, "Isn't STEM still a boys' club?" Well, that's a stereotype we're here to smash. Statistics tell a different story. According to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women make up  34%  of the STEM workforce in the US. These figures, of course, vary depending on the industry.   The European Commission's She Figures report paints a similar picture, highlighting a steady increase in female science graduates across the EU. However, women are still less employed among scientists and engineers (41.3%).

But here's the catch: while women are entering STEM fields at encouraging rates, they're still underrepresented in leadership positions and higher-paying sectors like engineering and computer science, according to the AAUW(American Association of University Women).  

So, the question begs to be asked: why aren't we seeing more women rocking hard hats and coding like bosses?

There are multiple factors at play, from unconscious bias to a lack of female role models in STEM fields. But the biggest culprit? Societal conditioning.  For far too long, STEM careers have been portrayed as inherently masculine.  But guess what?

 Innovation has no gender!

Women in STEM - Innovation has NO gender

Here's the real tea: diversifying STEM teams isn't just about political correctness. It's about building a stronger future for everyone. Studies by McKinsey & Company show that teams with a healthy mix of genders outperform homogenous ones.  Diversity brings a broader range of perspectives to the table, fostering creativity and leading to groundbreaking solutions.

Imagine a world where medical research considers the unique needs of women's bodies. Picture video games designed with female gamers in mind.  That's the power of diversity in action, and women are a critical piece of that puzzle.

So, why should YOU, the fierce professional you are, consider a career in STEM? Or why should you NOT give up on it yet?  Let me count the reasons:

  • Be a changemaker. STEM fields are at the forefront of solving some of humanity's biggest challenges, from climate change to disease. Become a part of the solution and leave your mark on the world!

  • Do it for the $$$! STEM careers are some of the highest-paying professions out there. Financial independence? Yes, please!

  • Unlock endless possibilities. From coding the next viral app to designing sustainable cities, STEM offers a kaleidoscope of exciting and ever-evolving career paths.

  • Challenge yourself and grow. STEM fields require critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a thirst for knowledge. Get ready to push your boundaries and become the smartest, most capable version of yourself!

Breaking Down Barriers: How to Get Your Foot in the STEM Door (And Keep It There)

Convinced that STEM is your jam? Fantastic! Now, let's navigate the path to infinite growth:


  • Start early. Nurture your curiosity! Whether it's building robots with Legos or dissecting frogs in biology class, embrace the fascination with science and math.

  • Seek out mentors. Find inspiring women in STEM fields and connect with them. Role models can provide invaluable guidance and support.

  • Network, network, network! Connect with professionals in STEM fields. Attend industry events, join online communities – put yourself out there!

  • Embrace the hustle. STEM careers require dedication and hard work. But hey, anything worth having seldom comes easy, right?

Remember, ladies, the world of STEM needs your brilliance, your creativity, and your unique perspective.  So, ditch the stereotypes, embrace your inner scientist, engineer, coder, or mathematician, and get ready to rock the future!  This isn't just a career move; it's a new reality in making.

Bonus Tip: Feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of STEM?  Research different subfields within each category. There's bound to be a niche that sparks your passion!

Feeling Stuck in Your STEM Career?

The path for women in STEM remains an ongoing journey.  Even today, women can face unique challenges – navigating the field, balancing work-life demands, or simply feeling unseen.  If you're a woman in STEM feeling stuck or unfulfilled, you're not alone.

LM (Linda Macelová) Consulting, a career coaching service, can help you reignite your passion and identify a fulfilling path within STEM.  Together, we can develop strategies to overcome obstacles, build confidence, and achieve your career goals.




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