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Career Coaching for Women in STEM
Balance It All : Career, Technology, Life

Navigate the STEM Landscape

A Woman's Guide to Thriving in Their Career

Feeling stuck in your demanding STEM career? You're not alone. Unlock your potential with valuable strategies!

Learn to overcome obstacles through coaching that builds confidence and resilience. Redefine success on your terms and develop a roadmap to achieve your goals. Plus, master work-life balance with effective time management and support networks.

Empower yourself and thrive in STEM – take charge of your future today!

About Me

Your Partner in the STEM Career Growth

As a certified coach trained in ICF competencies and the Clique method, I specialize in guiding women in STEM careers. I help them redefine goals, regain confidence, manage stress, and create fulfilling lives they love. Through personalized coaching, I empower women to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.

Explore My Offerings

The Career Metamorphosis (Online Coaching)

This powerful coaching program equips women in STEM with the tools and strategies to propel their careers and unlock their full potential.  Ditch the feeling of being stuck and unleash your inner leader with our proven framework, exclusive resources, and supportive community. Join us and level up your STEM career!

Here's what you'll receive

Master mindset, professional branding, communication, and habits for guilt-free career acceleration.

Break barriers and progress toward your next-level career using our templates and tools.

Join our online community for group coaching and monthly live calls.

Bonus: Receive a customized meditation to craft your upgraded identity

Fast Track Your STEM Career: Free Download

Kickstart Your STEM Career for FREE!

Build a successful future in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with our FREE checklist. Packed with 10 powerful tips, it will help you accelerate your journey towards a rewarding STEM career. Gain valuable insights to fuel your journey – download your FREE STEM Career Launch Checklist today!

Your Partner in the STEM Career Growth

Stuck at a crossroads in your STEM career? Get a FREE 45-minute Personalized Career Chat with  Linda Macelová, a dedicated Women in STEM Career Coach. We'll discuss your unique goals, answer your specific questions, and see if coaching can help you reach your full potential.  Design your dream career path, together!

Free STEM Career Strategy Session.png

Your Partner in the STEM Career Growth

Ready to level up your STEM career? The Career Metamorphosis Plus offers personalized coaching (1:1) to help you find your voice & thrive. Weekly calls, email support, & access to private coaching platforms equip you with strategies to navigate corporate dynamics.


Celebrating Success

Testimonials from Women in STEM

In only 3 months, Linda has given me tools that strengthen leadership and authenticity, having worked with both personal development and carer planning. Her structured material made it easy to follow the program, while her care for calibrating the content of the sessions to my needs helped me adopt the proposed changes.

Andreea, Transformation Professional

“You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seed of greatness.”

Zig Ziglar

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